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About Us

Courtesy Package Delivery (CPD) was established in 1978 as a full-service freight transportation provider, with a focus on expediting. Over the years, business has grown to incorporate a combination of expediting and logistics management.

We serve the tri-state area and specialize in on time, same day deliveries to many manufacturers and distributors in the automotive industry. We also specialize in comprehensive warehousing services to provide a full-service logistics operation to our customer.


Expedited Shipping

Expediting is our specialty. The company was founded on the concept of getting customers their freight as soon and as efficient as possible. We will make sure that your freight is on time to keep production going.

Truck Shipping

CPD offers a wide variety of shipping concepts to our customers. This helps keep up with demand when a sticky situation comes up. Serving over 40 customers in the metro Detroit area, CPD has excelled in all types of freight delivery.


There are two warehouse locations in Chesterfield, MI and Marine City, MI that give CPD the ability to store product for customers in the short term if need be. Long term storage is also a possibility as we have the resources to store, count and ship/receive inventory for our customers 24/7.



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What We Offer

Benefits for Our Customers

Satisfied Cost

Our costs are very competitive within the industry. We are always willing to make sure our customer is happy with their delivery as well as how much it costs to make it happen.


Being in business for over 40 years, our customers trust that CPD will get their freight delivered on time.

Customer Service

CPD excels in giving its customers the service they want and need. We are happy to help with any difficult questions that you may have.


Safety is our number one priority. Keeping freight, employees, customers and individuals on the road safe while completing a delivery.


Being able to stay flexible is how CPD has come so far. Our fleet is able to accommodate almost any size load and we are constantly changing to meet our customers needs.